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The Mission of the Sumner Rugby Football Club:


The purpose of the Sumner County Rugby program is to introduce the second most played game in the world, rugby, to as many Sumner County high school students as possible.


To this end, it is the goal of the program to teach basic skills and fundamentals of the game IAW the guidelines of USA Rugby, maintain a policy of no cuts, promote universal participation, utilize positive reinforcement, foster pride in individual accomplishment, develop and maintain an all inclusive team spirit, encourage parental involvement and; bottom line, HAVE FUN.





Board of Directors:


Charles J. Guerry                Kyle DiMeola                          Chuck Woosley


Jonathan Leake                   Mike Lees





The National Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) 2010 survey:

"Rugby is now the fastest growing sport in the United States."


The Sumner Rugby Football Club provides safe, fun, friendly activity for young people and adults at school and beyond into the local community. The Sumner Rugby Football Club is committed to ensure that your students are safe, providing a secure and well-maintained environment and are supported by quality personnel.


The Sumner Rugby Football Club ensures school's engagement and is integrated with the community. This creates d sustainable beyond curriculum hours and encouragement for students into lifelong involvement in a safe, healthy and fun game.


The opportunity to build on and enhance the existing physical education and sports program outside the curriculum.


Gaining more developed pupils, whether it is through playing, coaching or volunteering. Using the opportunity a club affords for young people to work alongside coaches and other trained club officers


  • Enthusiastic pupils developing leadership skills, drive and commitment linking into a pathway of formal awards
  • Organized competition within and between schools teams.
  • Publicity and promotion of the SRFC within the school, the club and externally, increasing awareness of the school activity and programs available.
  • Sharing facilities or equipment. Harnessing the social aspect of rugby for pupils and staff to interact with the wider community.
  • Involvement in PE at school leaves a legacy of active and engaged individuals involved in sports for life.

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